Parent & Caregiver Workshops

Way of Eight©

Montessori Workshop for caregivers & helpers

Our helpers spend a great deal of time with our little ones so it's important to ensure that they are supported in their engagement with our children. The caregiver edition of our signature Montessori-based parenting workshop, The Way of Eight© covers the same content as our parent workshop in a manner that helpers and caregivers can relate to. 


Topics Covered Include:

  • Why Montessori philosophy and how can it benefit my child?

  • Where do I even start with introducing Montessori at home?

  • How do I design a space that encourages play and independence?

  • How does Montessori nurture happier, more independent children?

  • Meltdowns, tantrums and pushing boundaries - how do I manage?

  • How can I design Montessori activities that engages my child in a home environment?

  • Mindfulness techniques for better mental wellbeing 

  • How can I communicate effectively with my employer?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to create a nurturing environment for the child’s optimal development

  • Be able to adopt a respectful approach in interacting with the child

  • Differentiate between tantrums and meltdowns and manage accordingly

  • Learn how to set and enforce healthy limits for the child

  • Recognise the child’s developmental sensitivities and work together with employers to optimise the child's growth

  • Greater confidence in your care-taking skills

  • Improved communication with employers

Workshop Flow:

The workshop starts off with a brief introduction of what Montessori is, before we dive into the 8 key concepts that make up the philosophy. This section will cover topics such as how we can set up a suitable play are for our children to keep them engaged, how we can introduce the concept of independence, empathy and respect to our children, how to effectively manage tantrums, and how to help our children learn better. We will also engage in some mindfulness exercises to build mental wellness. The workshop ends with a deeper dive into building the skills for you to develop activities at home that will both inspire your child as well as help build their mastery of skills.


Caregivers and helpers are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session so that you leave feeling confident and empowered.

Fees are $120 per parent, e-mail for bundle rates | Course schedule | FAQS | Contact Us