1. There is already information online on how to bring Montessori into the home. Why should I attend The Way of Eight©?
    The Way of Eight© is a one-of-a-kind workshop that brings the intricate learnings only available to Montessori teachers, into your home. It gives parents a perspective of how the teachers work in a classroom setting and translates this into achievable and accessible methods for parents to inculcate into their daily parenting. The course also extends beyond just practical classroom-based activities. It also empowers parents with knowledge of how to manage challenging situations and difficult topics to ensure parents are supported throughout their child’s development, even to teenager-hood.

    It is also a great way to discuss current challenges that you might be facing and have practical, hands-on experience in applying Montessori learnings to everyday situations. 

    Through our practical segment, you will also get to experience how we use key observational skills to guide our activity development so you'll be able to do the same at home!


  2. Why Montessori philosophy and not others?
    Montessori philosophy offers a child-centric yet structured curriculum which has proven success all across the globe. It caters to children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn, through providing a safe and nurturing space for them to explore and work in. The Way of Eight© is a one-of-a-kind workshop that brings the intricate learnings only available to Montessori teachers into your home.


  3. Are you saying Montessori preschools are the best?
    We believe that most preschools share the same passion for teaching and caring for your child. We believe that parents choose their child’s school based on a variety of reasons which we respect and form no judgement over.


  4. Is this useful for older children (i.e 6 and above)?
    Yes. The Way of Eight© shares the philosophy in an easy-to-understand manner which parents can apply to the way they engage their children. We've even brought this into the corporate space and worked with adults using this method. Montessori is anchored on building independent, motivated and confident children – all of which are evergreen qualities which will carry your child through life.


  5. My child does not attend a Montessori preschool – is this useful for me?
    Absolutely. The course was developed with the idea that not every parent will/can send their child to a Montessori preschool. We understand that every family has their own choices, beliefs and circumstances but we wanted everyone to benefit from the philosophy. With this in mind, we created The Way of Eight© so all parents and children can reap the wonders of the method.

    We’ve also kept the workshop in an accessible 3.5-hour session so busy parents will have the time to attend, and provide a great support system via WhatsApp so participants can send through any further questions post-session.


  6. I don’t find parenting stressful. Why should I attend the workshop?
    Children have developmental milestones which parents can optimise to support their development. The workshop also introduces ways to impart critical life skills to children, regardless of their age, such as independence and motivation. These qualities will equip your child to better navigate their everyday interactions (in school and beyond) and future challenges.


  7. I am having trouble getting my child to eat. Will this workshop help me?
    The workshop focuses on helping parents manage everyday stresses when nurturing child. We guide parents through their child’s learning journey and help them adopt a more mindful and calm approach especially because children don’t always do things the way we think they should!


  8. Should both parents attend the workshop?
    We strongly encourage parents to attend the workshop together since parenting is a partnership. To support this, we offer a great couple rate of $260 so that both parents can benefit from The Way of Eight©.


  9. Is 3.5 hours really enough to learn something so complex?
    Yes. We have simplified the complex Montessori philosophy so it is easy to understand and apply.


  10. Who can attend the workshop?
    Everyone. Most of the time we recommend parents and primary caregivers to attend the course as they are the ones interacting with your child a majority of the time.


  11. Will I be able to teach my child the Montessori curriculum taught in schools?
    The Way of Eight© was developed to support parents in their everyday parenting. Parents can teach their child with the same mindset that Montessori teachers are trained in. However, the breadth of the course does not cover the specific ways of teaching the Montessori curriculum.