General faqs

  1. Do you offer private sessions for The Way of Eight©?

    We do. Everyone learns differently, and if you would like personal support, we are happy to organise a session either at our space in Tiong Bahru or at your place of convenience. Prices:

    Private Family Session:
    This session is great for families who want to bring Montessori into the home and have a headstart with us helping to "Montessori-fy" your space. We not only cover The Way of Eight© during this session but also have the added advantage of working with your space to make it an ideal prepared environment for your child.

    Fee: 3 hour session, $600/family, maximum of 4 participants, with every additional participant at $120 (maximum 8 participants). Add $25 for transport to your location of choice.

    Small Group Session:
    Gather your own crew and have a private group session of The Way of Eight©.

    Fee: 3.5 hour session, $140 per person, minimum group size of 5 participants, with every additional participant at $120 (maximum 8 participants). Add $25 for transport to your location of choice.


  2. What is the cost?

    Our signature The Way of Eight© workshop is $135 per person, $260 per couple. The Way of Eight© helpers edition is $120 per person. For those who sign up for both workshops, we offer a $245 rate for 1 parent + 1 helper, and a $360 rate for 2 parents + 1 helper. Private class rates are above.

  3. How is The Way of Eight© helpers edition different from your usual The Way of Eight© workshops?

    The helper edition is conducted at a different pace from our signature workshop. In addition to ensuring helpers grasp the Montessori philosophy, we also take extra steps to equip your helper to communicate the learnings to you, and also place a larger emphasis on practical activities your helper can do with your child. We also have helpers work in pairs or small groups to practice putting the philosophy into action. 

    The signature parent workshop is also longer by 30 minutes, and consists of an activity planning and designing segment where we will guide parents on how to apply key observations of your child and use them to help in your activity development process.


  4. What does my fee comprise of?

    In addition to the workshop, participants will also received a workbook which will serve as a guide for the lesson itself, as well as activity sheets that provide ideas and milestone suggestions for your child from 0 to 6 years old. This is to ensure you always have a reference on what may be suitable to introduce at every stage of your child's development.  


  5. When are workshops held?
    Please follow us on Facebook (@welcometothebrightlife) for the latest updates on our session dates.

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