"Life is really simple but

we insist on making it complicated"

- Confucius 

We are here with a plan to make your life easier, to lift your spirits and calm the mind. Our workshops and programmes focus on translating education and psychology research into practical strategies for to elevate child care and organisational development. 

The Inspiration

When our founder, Victoria, realised she was pregnant, she read all the parenting books she could find, hoping to better prepare herself for her new role. But when the words from these pages failed to give her practical advice to soothe her crying child, she realised that it was her background in teaching children that really came in handy. 

She re-read the pages of her Montessori teacher's manual, and worked closely with school teachers and principals to develop our first course, The Way of Eight©. Using the Montessori approach, the goal was to ensure parents are better supported with tailored advice to enjoy their parenting journey. If every child is different, then every parent deserves to have a suite of strategies to help them in their quest to nurture confident, motivated and happy children.

As a child growing up in Singapore, her working mum also had to rely on help to keep the household running. Now, in a similar situation, Victoria then developed The Helper Strategy to arm helpers with practical skills on engaging and nurturing the little children they care for.

And guess what? Building a secure relationship with a child and helping them navigate their early years can also be applied in a corporate setting. Crazy? Not quite.

Oh, and who's Victoria*?

Mum to her cheeky monkey, Liam, Victoria started The Bright Life because she believes that we should all be empowered to live our lives on our own bright and bold terms.

She champions embracing our own inner light, and leaving our judgemental shoes at the door. Loves baking and indulging in a good massage too!

*Also, certified in important things like teaching Montessori